About Me

I am a Movement and Expressive Therapy Facilitator and Community Development worker.

“The therapist’s role is to help clients to become aware and then to transmute awareness into consciousness of self” – Rollo May, 1969

“The therapist is called a guide, acting as a collaborative explorer with the client, taking a more active role in the early stages of therapy, then slowly shifting to the role of witness in order to foster self-motivated inner growth as therapy progresses.” – Daria Halprin

I have been drawn to movement, art and music since childhood. These are my avenues of self-love and care, meditation and connection. It was in 2012 when I discovered movement as a form of ‘therapy’. Movement and expressive therapy opened up an entirely new way of working through life’s challenges and emotions in a profoundly creative and self-reflective way.

I find great comfort that this form of therapy can be done at my own pace, based on my own intuition and inner wisdom.

Since 2008 I have worked with a number of community groups both internationally and within Australia, gaining sound experience planning, coordinating and facilitating various grass-root community projects; youth programs for at risk youth, young leaders and teenage girls; and adventure therapy camps.

My passionate, empathic and fun-loving personality creates easeful relations with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. I enjoy getting to know everyone’s story: believing in the possibilities achieved by strong community and actions fuelled by love.

Having found my medicine, I now wish to share this practice with others. My workshops provide opportunities for discovery and emotional integration, inviting participants to explore a range of expressive modalities such as: somatic body awareness, intuitive movement, breath work, visualisation and symbol work, expressive writing and drawing as well as vocal release. I enjoy designing and facilitating programs and workshops that encourage participants to tune in with their own innate body wisdom and creativity. Where possible, I love holding workshops outdoors to invite quality time with the elements and Mother Nature.



* Masters of Social Science, RMIT

* Bachelor of Arts, SWINBURNE

* Graduate Certificate in Movement Based Somatic Therapy, Tensegrity

* Certificate in Somatics, Performance and the Creative Process, Tamalpa

* Certificate in Expressive Therapies, ET Institute of Australia

* Facilitation Training, Groupwork Institute

* Working with Child Sexual Assault – Bravehearts Australia

* Drumbeat Facilitator – Holyoake


I honour my mentors GH Soto, Anne O’Keefe, Alice Cummins, Tracey Nicholson, Amber Gray, Tiana Lenti, Mandy Agnew, Rosie Fayman; and credit the teachings of Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin, Gabrielle Roth, Emilie Conrad, and Peter Levine.