I currently offer my work through three main avenues: tailored programs and workshops for community groups and organisations; workshops and weekly series open to the public; and personalised one on one sessions.

PUBLIC WORKSHOPS: Click here for upcoming events

‘Coming Home to Self’ workshop

‘Coming Home to Self’ is a movement and expressive play-based workshop intended for a nourishing self-love experience for women. Each workshop session has a selected theme, which is the foundation for the movers exploration. With gentle guided facilitation, the participants are invited to explore the theme in a life-art merging as they move in response to how they feel. It is a creative outlet and healing time for self. Often capturing their experience through a pastel drawing and written word, it is an opportunity for supportive connection.

“I truly felt that I could drop any social facades and my Real was encouraged to come out of her cocoon. There was an intimacy from the outset that is so rare to find and it was born from the love that Cathy freely gave to the journeying of the participants” – Omi 

“I appreciated the space and enjoyed the variety of activities – that the different weeks were not formulaic particularly and that I could do a range of creative activities there as well as dance” – Sapphire

‘Do I move or Am I moved’ workshop

Participants were invited to ‘be moved’ by nature’s inspirations. This workshop aimed at increasing the participants connection to self and awareness of their bodies individual expression as well as connecting with nature and embodying what they sensed and felt to create movement art. Using a variety of facilitated processes and music, participants played and explored; enjoyed solo quiet time immersed in the beautiful natural setting; danced and drew; and came together as a group in sharing and connection.

“Thanks so much Cathy for your gentle, warm, trusting leading. Your confidence and comfort with moving, trying, feeling, gave permission to the group to do the same. Thank you for trusting that we had our own unique ways of partaking in the day” – Danyelle

‘Natures Embrace’ workshop

With the intention of connecting participants to themselves and nature, inviting them to have fresh new experiences of a beloved area and increasing their creative exploration – this workshop is held at a variety of parklands and open gardens. Beginning with a guided movement meditation and ‘silent walk’, the group participants are invited to then engage with the elements of nature and the various curiosities that stimulate them and respond through intuitive movement. These movements are enjoyed individually and also shared with the group. After ‘moving’ through the landscape, the group gather and share in the creation of movement sequences: ‘Choreography by nature’ I like to call it.

“It was great – being able to be in touch with nature and being in touch with my body and movements” – Judy 

“I really loved the relaxing nature of it, and the freedom of movement” – Brogan